Who we are

Nikfam is a Belgian company specialized in the field of surface coatings and resins. We are problem solvers and researchers of innovative solutions.

Our expertise

Nikfam has been active in painting and coating fields for more than four generations. Our partners and methods are experienced and proven. We only approve products based on their value for money, consistence, performance and availability. Not only can we bring you innovative technologies and niche products, but also our experts can give you guidelines, develop the know-how and empower your team and follow your projects based on your very specific needs.

Our philosophy

We believe that coatings are essential in the development of a world where the environment is preserved and people feel safe and happy.

Nikfam works on technologies to protect your assets, to bring colours in your life and to offer you innovative, surprising and proactive functionalities designed to make you feel safe and comfortable.

design – equip – coat

Nikfam’s mission is to offer tailor-made solutions to all the actors in the resin, coating and paint industry from the manufacturers to the consumers.

To reach that, we offer to the surface coatings performer’s guidelines to increase their efficiency, their know-how and to grow.

How we do it

Create the conditions

  • Supply the raw materials;
  • Advise to create the right formulas to follow market trends;
  • Advise on the paint application;
  • Advise to design tools and processes.

Optimise and reach excellency

  • Advise to choose the right raw materials;
  • Advise to optimise formulations and mode of application;
  • Advise to optimize production’s tools and processes.

Develop the know how

  • Share our expertise & experience with the team to empower it and make it more autonomous and innovative.


Nikfam supports you to gain efficiency and to grow


Your Benefits


Risk reduction

“We have done it before
and we know how to do it!”

Gain of time and money

“We know the shortcuts
and we can start right now!”

Optimization / innovation

“You have your goals!
We make you reach them!”

Enrich your knowledge

“Sharing is the key
We do it together!”



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