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Technical consultants and suppliers to the paint and resin industry

An association of experts specializing in the field of surface coatings & resins, Nikfam thrives on providing innovative and tailor made solutions to equip all members of the resin and paint industry from the manufacturers to the consumers.


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Nikfam International Company is a technical consultancy and commercial company established by a number of experts with more than 35 years of experience in the field of resins and surface coatings. Our team consists of highly qualified experts, all of whom have years of experience in the R&D, production and marketing of different types of coatings and coating raw materials.

Services and products

We provide commercial and business services pertaining to the resins and coatings industry.

We are engaged in advising our customers in designing and optimizing resins and paints formulations, guiding in R&D, production and quality control processes, consulting in coating application, performing certified tests and analysis, acting as third party inspectors.

We equip our partners worldwide with innovative raw materials, equipment and finished products. These products include resin raw materials, specialty resins, pigments and additives, automotive OEM and car refinish paints, state-of-the-art functional coatings, high performance protective and industrial coatings, and many other inventive paint and coating products.


Our Partners

Nikfam maintains close contact with a number of highly skilled and key manufacturers as well as important organisations to extend its capacities to develop and deliver outcomes that will benefit our customers and partners.


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